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Let’s face it – flash websites were once the pinnacle of the online experience.

…and then one day in a fit of impatience you – yes, you – closed your first flash website before it loaded. We did. Everyone has.

Now the client has a lost lead, a potential lost sale, and a frustrated end user.

Simple, direct pages with rich javascript features are our backbone. Flash sites still have a place – especially in the food service and entertainment industries – but flash should be clean, minimalistic, and load quickly enough to keep the user engaged. Distraction and clunky or slow functionality is the plague of a profit-driven online business. At Valiant we believe in channeling the end user down the proper paths to the information they need and the products and services our clients want to offer – as quickly as possible.




With our new design and fresh reorganization come new tier structures custom suited for businesses large and small alike.

Why a tiered approach?

We believe that information should flow freely – and abundantly. We want to equip local businesses – no matter how humble – with the tools they need to secure and engage and online audience. To that end, we believe our new tiered services (silver, gold, and platinum) offer the flexibility to service both corporate juggernauts and mom and pop shops – and offer them the best web design service for the price.


We’re excited to announce our fresh 2011 redesign and to celebrate we’ve wiped the blog clean. Here’s to another year of web development excellence and inane blog posts!

A special thanks goes out to our existing clients – we couldn’t have done it without you.